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An Alumni at Campus

February 17, 2016

Data Science alum Jordan McIver ’15 gave a Renyi Hour talk to current students in the master’s. Here’s the recap from the Data Science blog.

Barcelona GSE Data Scientists

This week in the Renyi Hour (RH), we had an interesting speaker – Jordan McIver, a BGSE Data Science alumni. He tried to showthe class of 2016 what is actually like to be a data scientist in the real world. If you missedhis presentation, you can read the interview below, which he gave for the Renyi Hour and have a glimpse of what you have missed. Also, after the article you can find his presentation slides and contact information.

RH person: What do you think is the future of DS (data science)?

Jordan: I think it’s going to be the driver of competitive advantage for most industries. As things become digital, predominantly digital, customers will expect Google-level type of experience.  Every industry that doesn’t have data scientists is going to be disrupted. So eventually, you’ll have industries which are disrupted or industries which now have DS as…

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