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Introduction to LyX – a (non latex) text editor

November 6, 2014

Barcelona GSE Data Scientists

Last Thursday we had our first tool meeting (a kind of “show and tell”) during the weekly Rényi hour. The Rényi hour is a weekly meeting for Barcelona GSE Data Science students where students, faculty, or invited speakers present a topic for discussion.

In today’s meeting, Jordi, one of the Master students, introduced LyX – a free LaTeX (not latex) based text editor. He shared his experience on this software with us, focusing on the suitability of LyX to write down equations in a visual and more efficient way.

$latex lim_{nrightarrowinfty}left(1+frac{x}{n}right)^{n}$
an equation written using LyX

After the presentation, we opened a discussion about the suitability of this and other complementary software to increase the productivity in writing reports and papers. Beyond equation edition, Omiros recommended Emacs, the one he uses, to edit plain texts because it recognizes all the standard programming languages.

After the interactions, we got the take-home message that…

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